Apple Watch Water Lock:

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If you plan to wet your Apple Watch or are prone to careless unintentional taps, use the water lock feature to prevent input. You can also quickly drain any remaining water from the speakers using the water lock feature.

How does a water lock work?

This feature locks your Watch, as the name suggests, to prevent accidental touchscreen input, digital crown clicks, or side button presses. However, you must disable the water lock before you can tap on a complication or launch an app. Lifting your wrist will still allow you to see the time or the progress of your current workout.

Siri will still work if the water lock is on, but only if the “Hey Siri” or raise-to-trigger modes are activated. It is not possible to press and hold the digital crown to launch Apple’s assistant. Despite being water-resistant, the watch can still play noises and measure your heart rate, oxygen levels, and GPS location. Pressing and holding the side button will still dial emergency services whenever possible.

You can disable the water lock by twisting the digital crown until the on-screen meter fills up. The lock will be opened more quickly if you turn the crown more quickly. The crown can be rotated in any way. Your Apple Watch will produce a noise when the water lock is disabled that is meant to clean and remove any water that has become stuck inside the speaker.

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To operate the water lock, use the Control Center:

You may activate the water lock at any time from your standard Watch face by sliding up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center, then pressing on the water lock symbol that looks like a drop of water. You could want to do this before getting in the shower while relaxing by the pool, or even while trapped in a strong downpour.
Choose “Edit” from the list of choices at the bottom of the Control Center menu if the water lock icon isn’t displayed. Your Watch is no longer water-resistant when the water lock is turned on; this setting merely prevents unauthorized input.

Activate Water Lock While Working Out:

Consider using a water lock when working out, especially if you’re swimming. Once your activity has started, choose the Workout option to make this simple. Open the Workout app, choose a workout type, and then watch for the start of the workout to begin after the countdown has finished. On the Workout summary page, swipe right to end your workout, and then tap the Lock button in the top left corner. Turn on the water lock. By using this method, you can make sure that your workout summary screen—rather than the watch face—is constantly on your wrist.

Turn the digital crown when you’re done.

Turn the digital crown until you hear the unique buzzing sound, which indicates that your Watch is expelling any water that has become lodged in the speaker, after your workout or bath. You might want to rinse and drain the water numerous times if you’re concerned about soap or sea water residue remaining in your watch (by enabling the water lock and disengaging it again). Do you adore your Apple Watch? We concur. Check out some of our top tips and tricks for making the most of your wearable.

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