The most expensive NFTs ever sold are listed below, along with an explanation of their rarity.

The cryptocurrency community is incredibly keen to invest in non-fiat tokens (NFTs), such as original digital assets, music, pictures, collectibles, GIFs, or memes. More specifically, they have been buying non-fungible tokens like crazy recently, launching a brand-new sector of the digital asset market.

Given that February alone saw sales of more than $300 million, it is clear that the NFT markets are profiting greatly off the labor of others. Selling these NFTs is giving even more recent platforms a huge boost.

What Are Non-Fungible Tokens?

Before getting to the top 10 most expensive NFTs, let’s first define non-fungible tokens. Digital tokens that are non-fungible are special in their own right. Anything can be one, from an audio sample to artwork or video games. These are typically extremely rare collectibles that can’t be exchanged for another token as other cryptocurrencies can.

For instance, there is only one genuine copy of the Mona Lisa painting in existence worldwide. As a result, it is clear why this picture will appreciate in value. So, even if you take a picture of it or buy a copy, it won’t be the real thing.

This token’s worth comes from its distinctive nature. But in order to sell NFTs at a high price point, they must also be connected to the media, therefore not just anyone can do so. To be well-known and able to buy and sell NFTs, you must have a following or admirers of your work. As a result, when you purchase non-fungible tokens, you acquire ownership of the asset and have the option to sell it later. Anyway, let’s move on to the list of the top 10 priciest NFTs right away.

1. Everyday: $69.3 million:Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

The artist Beeple was not as well-known as you may think even until last year. However, he sold one of the most expensive NFT works ever offered for sale in 2021. “Everyday: the First 5000 Days” is the title of the piece of art. The fact that this auction was held at Christie’s is what makes it more intriguing.
The bidding originally began at $100, but it quickly began to rise, and it was eventually sold for a sum of $69.3 million! You’re probably thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot of money for some digital art.” It seems likely that we shall soon replace physical paintings with digital ones given the technological development.

Anyhow, this piece of art was a combination of Beeple’s first 5000 digital creations. Actually, starting in May 2007, when Beeple began creating digital art, he didn’t miss a single day. As a result, there are many different styles, contents, and mediums in the compilation. Even though some of the very first ones were clearly not up to par, the worth as a whole greatly grows.

2. CryptoPunk: $7.58 Million

A novel creation of the NFT realm is CryptoPunks. Since the market for NFTs has exploded, many of these first NFTs are now selling for millions of dollars. And because CryptoPunk #3100 is the second-most costly NFT ever sold, it is also included on our list.
This CryptoPunk actually belongs to a group of 9 Aliens and is one of the rare ones. You see, there are only 10,000 punks available at CryptoPunks. Furthermore, only 9 of them are aliens. So as you can see, these nine collections are among their rarest ones. These tokens adhere to ERC standards because they are ERC-20 tokens.

3. CryptoPunk: $7.57 Million:Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

With $7.57 million, another CryptoPunk ranks among our top 10 most expensive NFTs. Another alien, Punk #7804, comes with three extras this time. The other accessories are a Pipe, Small Shades, and Cap Forward. Only 254 punks, 378 punks, and 317 punks, respectively, reportedly wear caps forward, pipes, and small shades. However, the main reason for the high price is the scarcity of alien punks.

4. Crossroads: $6.6 Million:Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

Another of our list’s most expensive NFTs is Crossroads. This sale of another piece of art by Beeple took place just a few days before the enormous sale of Everyday. Additionally, this work was sold by the artist through Nifty Gateway. Additionally, unlike every day, this is a single piece of art rather than a compilation. This artwork is now considerably more pricey due to the appraisal.
The artwork is, in a way, a political wager in response to the 2020 presidential election. The interesting thing is that the artist created two versions of this, one in case Trump won and one for if he lost. Additionally, the video would alter depending on the election’s results.

5. The first Tweet: $2.9 Million

The first tweet on our list of the most costly NFTs in 2021 comes next. In actuality, Twitter’s CEO and founder Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet after launching the service in 2006. “Just putting up my twttr,” stated the tweet. Additionally, he eventually sold this tweet as an NFT for a whopping $2.9 million! Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first tweet will receive this much attention given the enormous popularity of the social media network Twitter. This is undoubtedly a novel approach to asset tokenization.

6. CryptoPunk:$1.54 Million

On our list of the priciest NFTs for 2021 is yet another punk. Every single CryptoPunk has its own special traits and qualities, as we already stated. This punk is therefore no different from that. CryptoPunk #6965 is an ape species in this case. A Fedora is included with it as an extra. Furthermore, there are only 24 Ape punks and only 186 punks who wear Fedoras. The cost is $1.54 million as a result! These coins resemble ERC-20 tokens but are not ERC-721 tokens.Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

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7. Axie Infinity Genesis Land: $1.5 Million

If you enjoy playing online games, you are probably aware of how expensive in-game things can be. Axie Infinity, a virtual game built on the Ethereum platform, might have advanced it. In the game, Genesis Land is actually quite hard to get and expensive. But a member of the neighborhood just paid a staggering $1.5 million for nine Genesis blocks! As a result, it will rank among the most expensive NFTs in 2021.
It was worth 888.25 Ether at the time of sale, but as the price of Ether has climbed over the past few months, so has its value.

8. CryptoPunk: $1.25 Million

Next on our list is CryptoPunk #4156, the most costly NFT ever sold on the market. Yes, we have added yet another CryptoPunk to our list. Another Ape punk is involved this time, and it also includes a blue bandana as a companion. Only 481 of the 10,000 punks possess this trait. The Ethereum address 0xf476cd currently owns it for $1.25 million. But if you want to purchase some CryptoPunks as well, keep in mind that you’ll need Ethereum Gas.

9. Not Forgotten, But Gone: $1 Million

Do you want to spend millions on a revolving gummy bear video clip? Well, this is what transpired with the sales of Nifty Gateway NFT. This work of art was produced by a white artist. It appears that he uses different gummy bears in a variety of inventive ways. More specifically, it’s a 16-second film named “Not Forgotten, But Gone” that features a whirling golden gummy bear skeleton. This sculpture was sold by the artist for $1 million.

10. Metarift:$904.41K

Since no one is aware of the creator of this piece of art, this is another Satoshi issue. Although the artist goes by the name Pak, nobody is really sure who they are. Pak is reportedly very well-liked in the digital art community, and the work’s enigmatic quality contributed to its $904.41K price tag. The spherical items of the NFT artwork are grouped together and rotated in different directions. This is only one example of the many NFTs application cases; there are many more!


The NFT business has experienced a tremendous upswing in recent months, and 2021 will undoubtedly be a banner year for NFTs. Many NFTs started to sell for millions of dollars only after the year 2021 began. Some people might find it a little absurd, but NFTs are a unique kind of token that works well in the current digital world.

You can also try your luck now that you are aware of the priciest NFTs on the market. But keep in mind that the blockchain technology that underpins these currencies means that now is the ideal moment to learn more about it. So, if you want to learn more about the technology, we advise starting with our blockchain courses.

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